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Kyle Kimball

Kyle sent us this fun story:

In 2019 my sister and I moved to Europe from Seattle. Before we did, we went with some friends to get tattoos to symbolize our connection. One of our favorite things to do is get together, make some drinks, and watch some absolute stinkers courtesy of Scarecrow. Suburban Sasquatch is the apex predator of the bad movie ecosystem and so I had an homage to the film permanently carved into my skin. CUT TO PRESENT DAY. Our friends reached out to the director/writer/producer of the film David Wascavage to buy more of his movies directly and let slip i had the tattoo. David was so chuffed he (crudely) printed up a model of the titular Sasquatch and sent it to my friend with the movies. So I don’t leave you hanging, below are the relevant pictures: